Healthy Back To School Cookies | Foodie Friday

Healthy Back To School Cookies

This post contains affiliate links below School. Stress. It’s coming, do you feel it? Stress Buster Paleo Cookies   Okay, let me prefaced this by saying YOU DO NOT NEED FOOD TO HELP STRESS! That will only lead to emotional eating which no one wants, but sometimes a girl just wants a cookie if you know what I am saying! I LOVE cookies, I think you guys know this, and sometimes I just like to have a sweet treat to[Read more]

How to Take Control of Your Health & Feel Like A New You

How to Take Control of Your Health

I have a butt load of health confessions friends…..are you ready? New Format, New Me, New Goals It’s time for that new, new if you didn’t know the trend of this blog post already and for good reason! I have hit a wall and have come to terms with what I am doing to myself, my body, and my health. Let Me Explain.  This is my fault and solely my fault because I was irresponsible. I got caught up in[Read more]

Digestive Yoga Flow for the Gut

Digestive Yoga Flow for the Gut

Hello, friends! It’s Sunday and today we’re slaying yoga to aid in our digestive system. Digestive Yoga Flow   The digestive system has its own brain. Literally. There is a vital spot in our brains for digestive needs because it’s such a huge process! Enter The Enteric Nervous System This system is known as the “second brain” but it doesn’t make any decisions, have a conscious, etc. however the enteric system has a ton of neurotransmitters that pick up information which[Read more]

I Tried Melissa Hartwig’s Protein Salad | Foodie Friday

I Tried Melissa Hartwig's Protein Salad | Foodie Friday

*This post contains affiliate links below*   Alright, so here is the truth. I LOVE CHICKEN SALAD! Melissa Hartwig’s Protein Salad   I have a crazy obsession with Martin‘s grocery store chicken salad located at the deli counter. Stop. I seriously could eat the whole freaking tub of mayo filled, salty tasting, chicken goodness in literally one sitting! I know, yuck! So, I have been on the hunt for literally the BEST chicken salad recipe around that is healthy, contains real ingredients,[Read more]

What’s the Deal With Collagen? | Wonder Wednesday

What's the Deal With Collagen?

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Collagen, have you heard of it? I am sure you have because it’s the latest craze in the health and fitness bubble, but what exactly is it and what do you use it for? Collagen? What’s the Big Deal? Collagen is basically just a crap ton of amino acids in a gelatin or powder form. Normally people with digestive issues use collagen in their diet because of the breakdown of the[Read more]

How Many Meals Do I Need to Eat for Fat Loss? | Foodie Friday

How Many Meals Do I Need to Eat for Fat Loss?

This is a huge debate don’t you think? What’s the Truth on the Number of Meals to Eat? Bodybuilding says, “Eat 5 to 6 small meals”. Whole30 says, “Eat 3 meals a day and try not to snack”. Intuitive eating says, “Eat when you’re hungry”. If you’re like me you’re probably confused as hell and thinking screw this! I felt that way after my show because I had no structure with no idea where to go and what would be best[Read more]

Instagram Worthy Spots in San Diego | Wonder Wednesday

Instagram Worthy Spots in San Diego

Yo, this is not a normal post. It’s a travel post with a pinch of food, fitness, and adventure. With that said, Let’s Explore San Diego Through Instagram Back in June, I visited my once home San Diego, California. Yup, I was a California girl for a year of my life until school became an idea, so I know some of the best spots to see and tour. Now if you haven’t been to San Diego you need to go[Read more]